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My Favorite Drill Bit for Flatware Jewelry Making

Are you tired of your drill bit breaking in the middle of a project? I hate it when that happens!

I've tried several drill bit brands and have broken them all. That was until I discovered the Drill America brand. My favorite bit is the 1/16" COBALT HEAVY DUTY SPLIT POINT STUB DRILL BIT. I love this bit so much that I started carrying them on my website!

There are several things that make this a great drill bit.

First, it's cobalt. Cobalt increases the strength of the steel and makes it more heat resistant. So when you're drilling a thick piece of flatware this bit won't snap from the friction. I still recommend using a cutting oil just to make it easier on you and your drill bit.

Next, this is a stub drill bit. Stub means that it is short, and the stubbier the stronger!

This drill bit also has a split point. A split point helps to keep the drill bit from walking. I still use a center punch before I drill., partly out of habit and partly for good measure to make sure that the bit doesn't walk on me.

Click on the link below to try these bits for yourself!

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